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Below are some frequently asked questions


When and Where will the ball take place?

The ball will take place February 2024. The Venue is The Belltower on 34th  in Houston, TX

901 W 34th St

Houston, TX 77018

United States

The ball will start a 8pm and go till midnight.

Is there an age limit for the ball?

Yes. this sent 21 and up.If you will be 21 by the date of this event you are allowed to purchase you ticket in advance.

is this event pet friendly?

As much as we love our animal friends, pets are not allowed at the event.

How many people does a ticket cover

One ticket covers one person. 

this desiring group coverage should look to our package options released September 1st, 2022

How many Days is the event?

This event has things planned for both Friday & Saturday!

are tickets refundable?

No, but they are transferable you can do so  by filling out our ticket transfer form. 

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