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There have not been many who have been graced with the privilege of seeing the Dragon of Moriath. 

But the ones who have described it like a dragon made of stars from the most lavish universe, and jewels that could have only been crafted by the gods. It is said that any who see the dragon and survive, live forever. The dragon was known for beauty, However it was also known as one to kill in silence. Sightings of the dragon always occurred in the mountains of Moriath. The ones who returned with stories always returned with what appeared as opals for eyes. Their hair would turn as white as the snow on the mountains where they had seen the creature, and their skin would become pale with a dusting of shimmering gold. 

They were beautiful but unsettling all at once.

They weren't blind. In fact, they could see worlds beyond their own. 

They were called Dragon Seerers. They didn't stay local long once they shared their stories. There were only 6 known to walk in the universe. Spreading the tales of the dragon. It was said if your future was told to you by a dragon seerer it was sure to come true. However, their predictions weren't always of the kind of nature. In fact it was more often than not that many avoided the seerers fortune telling. For fear or permanent damnation. 

A 7th seerer was said to have emerged from the mountains a few hundred years ago. This time they not only appeared as dragon seerers do, but they held a staff that held one of the dragon's scales at its peak. The legend says if this seerer was to relay your future it was full of wealth, peace, prosperity, and happiness. 

When proof of this spread throughout the lands many attempted to steal the staff, but effortlessly the seerer defeated all who challenged them. Soon the attempts halted. The seerer unlike the others, had stayed in Moriath. They announced they were looking to find one worthy of riding the dragon. For there was to be a battle of mankind and the beyonds. 

It Was said that the one who can hold the dragon scale and not be met with immediate death was worthy. Many tried. Many died. Until one particular soul found themselves in the Moriath. passing through from the land of Tolesium. They did not believe the stories. Until one day during the regular weekly trials of those who felt themselves worthy, this soul attended the gathering to see if it was all true. The seerer sensed their presence and halted the trials. Approaching the traveler slowly. 

"It has been long we have waited for you"

The seerer said to the traveler.

Removing the stone from its peak and placing it in the hands of the traveler.

Gasps and murmurs covered the crowd.

no harm came to the traveler, The scale shined brighter than it ever had. Illuminating a stunning iridescent glow.

"The rider has come to us, and now for a battle you must prepare"

Are you the rider? Will you be ready for battle?

The recipient of the Moriath Scale will attain the following:

- Royal Suite stay

- The Royal Court Experience for 2

-An hour long private photoshoot in Chateau Cocomar on Saturday morning

-2 Tickets for our 2025 event

- The physical Moriath Scale to give them strength through the battle of worlds.

Add the Moriath Scale to your checkout on August 10th, 2022-August 14th, 2022 at midnight CT

to find out if you're worthy of being Moriath Dragon Rider!

The recipient will be revealed Monday August 15th at 10AM CT

Good Luck!


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