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This ticket  would gain you access to the following:

  • Friday's Villagers Marketplace

  • Friday Evening's Tavern Celebration

  • The Exclusive Fae Tea Brunch

  • Mini photoshoot

  • A Luxury 3 Course Dinner

  • Saturday Evening's Ball

  • Wax Sealed Mailed Invitation

  • Horse Drawn Carriage Arrival 

  • Early access to A Fantsay Ball: Villian Era 2025 Ticket Sales

Enjoy the luxuries of the previous tiers: A wonderful tea time, some shopping of finest goods from across the lands, a photoshoot to capture your special moments . Quite the list of activities! However we all know, the highest of titles dine with royalty. Enjoy a 3 course dinner with the royal court. Gain early access to the venue grounds. You will also get first choice at makeup and hair assistance time slots, if you wish to choose add that service to your experience! You will also receive access to early release tickets for next years event! Look forward to receiving your personalized invitation wax sealed in the mail, to keep as a reminder of the upcoming festivities. OH and did we mention the horse drawn carriage ride from your vehicle to the ball entrance?!


All physical inivitations will be mailed out January 2023. You will need them upon entry so keep them somewhere safe!


The Royal Court

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