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WHEN: OCTOBER 22-23, 2022

WHERE: 21778 Farm to Market 1774
Todd Mission, TX 77363

You can purchase your tickets here!




We will be purchasing the camping passes in bulk in order to attain the $10 discount.

YOU MUST SIGN UP in order to attain your camping pass through us. You can do so by hitting the camping sign up button


We will be arriving Friday evening to set up camp. This is to avoid the crazy traffic that occurs Saturday. I'm not kidding, sometimes you're in the car line for 4 hours just to get in so we recommend leaving Thursday or Friday to come camp OR leaving veeeerrrrryyyy early Saturday to come to the camp site get settled in and the enter the grounds at opening canon! ( yes you read that correctly) this traffic applies to just day attendance as well: LEAVE EARLY trust us lol.

You'll want to purchase tickets for the 3rd weekend we will be there for both Saturday and Sunday

You buy tickets PER DAY so if you just want to stay for Saturday and just hang out at camp Sunday and recoup that's fine. If you want to have admittance both days make sure you get tickets for Saturday and Sunday. I've attached a photos of what you should be purchasing. I personally will be leaving mid day/ late morning Sunday because we have a puppy at home haha and Its good to beat the exiting traffic as well.

If you do plan on camping you will need to purchase a camping pass here. Keep in mind each person attending in your group will need a camping pass.

I will make a seperate post about camping, and what you'll want to make sure you bring to the campsite etc

We are stoked to see you all come out and have a blast with us!


Download the itinerary and packing checklist by clicking the image below!

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