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A Fantasy Ball

Is expanding our Team

you all have made this event so special. we have grown so much faster than we could have ever expected to. that being said, we are looking to build four separate teams. these teams will help with the planning and execution of each ball we host. this being our first year this will start on a voluntary basis. but we do hope to create permanent  paid positions in the future. All are welcome to aplly for these teams. you do not have to be a ticket holder to apply.

Realm developers

this team will focus on the universe we are creating. they will spend a majority of their time coming up with new ways to transport our community to an incredbile new world. this team is the main source for creative energy that will flow into our events. sharing new ideas to make each event, even better than the last.

creative specialists

this team will focus on the the storyline, acting, and overall production of our events.this will be very similar to having a team of stage managers, script writers, actors and more.This will be who we look to to bring entertaining skits, interactions and immersive dialogue to our community.

Fabrication experts

this team will focus on the the physical building of props, sets, and decor for events. those who have a skillset for bringing fantastical ideas from their mind to reality. this team would also be in charge of reviewing the LOGISTICS of venue locations to help us best map out our decor options as our venues change and shift.


This team will focus on the true backbone of this event. they will be the direct communication with our community to address questions and concerns. Email contact, managing social medias, and much more will be involved with this team.

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