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About Us

Immersion for the imaginative

A Fantasy Ball is what started it all. What started as just a dream of our founder for many years, came to life due to the incredible support of the public.

Here at Eudantria Events, we believe in building a community, a family, and a sense of belonging. Often as we get older the magic fades. Reality sets in. It becomes apparent that our dreams and fantasies that were once so vibrant have faded. Our main priority is refueling the fire of the imagination to show many that the world of fantasy can in fact become reality. Our team of specialists works very hard to bring you, carefully curated and detail-oriented immersive experiences. We also know that sometimes it's not about the tiaras and swords and simply good company. As adults, the chaos of life can cause us to forget about self-care and our personal joys. This can also make it difficult to make connections in communities that share your passions and interests. This is why we are dedicated to creating a space for the ages 21 and up, where you can relieve stress, have fun, and simply be yourself. Without having to overthink or worry about judgments of the outside world 


 Who Are We?

Our team is made of  10 amazing individuals that have poured their hearts and souls into making sure A Fantasy Ball is a weekend for all to cherish for years to come. We have a team of realm developers, creative specialists, a fabrication team, and an administrative team. These teams are truly the backbone of the success of our events. 

Along with our teams, we have talented actors and actresses who bring our characters to life. Our events are more than just dancing and delicious food. They are evenings of storytelling. Our lore of Eudantria is full of mystical beings you will all come to know. We hope you love them as much as we do. 

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